Make a difference.

Create a community free of violence.

Your Riverview Center is getting a new space at 1789 Elm Street. DONATE TODAY and help us assist survivors of violence on their journeys of healing.

Riverview Center’s Dubuque office will be moving to our new location in April 2020, nearly doubling our square footage to enable us to better serve survivors of sexual assault and abuse. The new downtown location at 1789 Elm Street will also provide additional privacy and confidentiality, accessibility, and increased community awareness of our services.

The new facility will allow us to better serve our community for years to come. We respectfully request that you consider showing your continued support of our mission by helping Riverview Center renovate and relocate to this much needed new space through your donation.

TOGETHER, we will create a community free of violence.

Every year, Riverview Center greatly impacts the communities we serve.
Every single dollar raised helps us further our mission.

Riverview Center provides 100% free and confidential services for ALL survivors of sexual assault. We offer 24-hour crisis intervention, legal, medical and social service advocacy, and trauma-informed therapy. Service plans are specialized and client-centered based on an individual’s unique circumstances and goals.

Each Riverview Center building sponsor will have their name displayed on a prominent plaque in the area sponsored and will also be a part of the press release, open house, radio coverage, and social media posts. Thank you for your continued support as we assist survivors on their journeys of healing.

TOGETHER, we will create a community free of violence.